Saturday, March 7, 2015

Fleecing of Your Wealth

The fleecing of the American consumer should be a Olympic sport because it has really been perfected. I could be ranting about income taxes, sales tax, inflation, or various other schemes designed to part you from your money, but I'm talking about a newer skill set.

Ever since gasoline hovered in the $3-$4 range, and the American public swallowing it with little outrage. I've noticed that other manufacturers have become more bold in inflating their prices, or creating shortages to maximize prices. Ground beef ($5/lb?) more expensive than seafood? Not until recently. High priced pork products. I'm sure that I'm missing a few products that have gotten outrageously overpriced, and feel free to leave a comment on things that have gotten out of hand.

Anyways, just another example of the decline, and the money grab near the end of the line.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. That's why the government brags about low inflation, but pointedly fails to include food and energy prices in their calculations. I never trust what they say about inflation or anything else, though. They're famous for making the numbers support their current agenda.

    1. If they included gas and food....I can't even imagine the REAL rate of inflation.