Tuesday, May 3, 2016

God Help Us

I was wrong about my presidential prediction of Cruz versus Hillary. Tonight, Ted Cruz has officially ended his campaign for president after the Indiana sweep. Dear readers, it is time to batten down the hatches, accelerate our preparations, deepen that larder, and slip into the crowd without drawing attention to ourselves.

Any weaponry that you want, buy it now before the election, especially magazines that hold more that 10 rounds. Beat the rush...ammo will dry up again.

Minimize tax exposure.
Slowly accumulate cash in household, avoid large cash withdrawals.
Purchase gun(s) that you have wanted.
Stockpile more ammo.
Purchase magazines (+10 rounds) of any guns that you own or want to own.
Reduce expenses.
Plant a garden or fruit trees.
Deepen the pantry.
Make hiding holes for supplies and weapons. (large PVP pipes and caps)
God help us.

Prepare - K


  1. Trump may yet prevail. Like Richard the Lion Hearted, he is flawed but better than Prince John.

  2. Will be interesting. I think, unless the GOPe really decide to go against Trump we are going to finally know once and for all whether the Femocrats have moved in enough third worlders and put them where they needed to go to lock down the presidential elections. If this is the case, which I have suspected since 2012 then you are 100% correct, if it is not the case then we have a bit more time politically speaking. Not so sure about economically either way. a financial collapse could happen this afternoon truth be told.

  3. Cthulu 2016!! Haven't you suffered long enough?