Thursday, June 23, 2016

Enjoying Life AND Prepping

I've tried to post on a regular basis but my motivation and busy schedule seem to get in the way. We are enjoying our home, and still preparing for the next power outage or job loss. Sweetheart and I have been trying to live in the moment more, which means enjoying life but still being responsible. We recently took a trip to Pigeon Forge in Tennessee with the boys (and extended family) for a mini vacation. Dollywood was expensive but the boys had a good time. Now the cousins, they had a blast and lasted the whole day! My boys were spent after lunch, and wanting to go home. I told Red Ant, our seven year old, that we needed to get our monies worth, so we needed to walk around the park three more times, and ride all the rides once more. "Really?!", was his response. We left a few hours later.

We are also planning a week long vacation to Destin, Florida. We try to take the kids somewhere every year to expand their horizons. I got to travel as an Air Force brat, and enjoyed the new locations growing up, but it sure is nice to grow some roots in one location. I guess the vacations cure the bouts of wanderlust.

I've decided to start or improve, I'm not sure which, on my carpentry skills. For example: On Father's Day I had an old cabinet that my Dad built while he was in High School. It was being used for storing school supplies that I picked up on sales over the years. Typically, the penny sales for pencils, paper, binders, and such...

I built a frame using 2x4's for the chest to sit into since, I didn't want to alter the original, but wanted the added functionality of being able to roll it around the garage.

I bought 4 swivel casters at Harbor Freight for $20 or so...

Made sure I had enough room so that the wheels wouldn't stick out so the 4" wheels were set back 2" from the inside of 2x4.

The cabinet fit snugly into the frame, and the bottom drawer has enough clearance to be pulled out. Honestly, it's something that I hadn't thought about, but it worked out very well. I'll know for any future designs to account for this.

I will replace the pulls in the future. I got to use a few screws from my Grandfather's collection, so I've got a tri-generational rolling tool cabinet.

Also the truck had a brake light out and the local oil and lube shop wanted $26 dollars to replace it. No thanks, I can fix it myself. $6.50 and 10 minutes, it's fixed and I have a spare bulb.

Keep on Right On Prepping - K
(and learning)

JUGM- I've got the cheese and going to be waxing them soon.
PP- I've been collecting information for a post you might like...


  1. That cabinet looks great! Glad you had a safe trip.
    Be safe and God bless.

    1. Thanks, we are just trying to hide from the heat and humidity, while keeping the grass and plants alive. Arkansas Summer's can be brutal.