Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Testing, Future Review, and Bulk Food Site

Just a quick note to keep my readers up to date on my adventures in life, and to drop a few tidbits. I've found a new supplier for bulk foods. I haven't ordered but the prices look really good, and thought I'd pass it along for my food storage proponents. It is called IFS Bulk, click here for a link.

I've also completed my 16 hours of continuing education to sit for the national MRI registry, and paid my $200 for the honor, over the course of seven or eight weeks. It usually takes a person 6 months to complete. I'll set my official date for testing after I jump through a few more hoops.

I've been contacted by Ammo To Go to do a review for some ammunition, and of course I accepted.

I'm shooting to get it posted before the election. Press all of your prepping budget towards the bullets side of the three Bs.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Glad things are going well. I look forward to your reviews.

  2. Good luck with it all. Be safe and God bless you all.