Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday Food Storage Opportunities

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and I wanted to make everyone aware of the opportunities to add to your food reserves at some yearly low prices.
  • Brown Sugar/Powdered Sugar/ Granulated Sugar are usually at it's yearly low, so stock up. Also any sugar can be stored long term in a mylar bag without an oxygen absorber.  
  • Thanksgiving will be right around the corner, and most grocery stores will offer outstanding offers on whole turkeys to get you to spend your money there. Use it - if not once but twice. One can get frozen and the other one used, but this might require two trips.
  • The same opportunity goes for hams this time of year. If you have a pressure cooker, well...let's just say that I'm a little jealous at the protein that you'll be able to can.
  • Flour will usually be offered at at all time low sometime this season. Take advantage of it, storage life is around a year. to two years. Remember to freeze it for 3-7 days if you buy a lot to kill any stray eggs that might be hitching a ride.Baking goods are usually at the yearly low too!
  • Canned Cranberries/Pumpkin/Sweet Potatoes will also be at attractive prices during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Stock up for the year.
  • Liquid Oils will also have a good price point too. Buy enough for the year. Oils are good for only about a year.
  • Aluminum Foil will be another buying opportunity. We use a little bit around here, mainly during the grilling season. Wait, isn't grilling season all year long? Maybe not when it's rainy and cold. This useful item never goes bad.
  • The Thanksgiving and Christmas season will also have some buying opportunities for canned goods as well....stock up.
  • Be on the lookout for other bargains.


  1. GREAT POST! Good reminder to look at and take advantage of those roadblocks in the grocery store, Target and Walmart. Even Big Lots has a abnk of this stuff. Mind if I link to this post from Frugalprep?

  2. You may link this post and add/edit anytime you wish.

  3. Ha! I have grilled in the pouring rain, under a canopy, when my oven was broke for over a year. You'd be surprised what you can do with a grill.
    Or maybe not. ;o)

    Thanks for this great reminder post! Lots of good info for us beginners.