Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Seven Types...

...of propaganda.

I had an excellent teacher in the ninth grade that taught her classes one of the most important lessons that they would unknowingly learn that year. It was how to distinguish propaganda through advertising, media, and governmental campaigns.

ONE: Bandwagon - To convince the audience to do or believe something because everyone else is doing it.
Subtype: Winning Crowd: desire to associate with winners

Subtype: The "In" Crowd: desire to be part of an elite group

Subtype: Being Left Out: plays on your desire to belong/peer pressure.

Subtype: Bad Traits:  Pepsi used this quite well, don't be old because old is bad.

TWO: Glittering (Glowing) Generality - Using words so strongly positive in emotional content that just hearing them makes you feel good. The words express a positive meaning without actually giving a guarantee. Politics uses a lot of this technique.

It means " Builds youth hostels and homes" from Google translator

THREE: Name Calling - Using harsh/kind words to make a point effective

FOUR: Plain Folks - Suggesting something is practical and a good value for ordinary people.

FIVE: Repetition - Using the product name, keyword, or phrase over and over. Ever see the same ad during a TV program again and again?

 SIX: Testimonial - Using a famous person to endorse the product.

Hanes and Michael Jordan

SEVEN: Transfer - Transferring good looks, feelings, or ideas to the person who the propaganda is meant to influence. Suggests the positive qualities to be associated with the product and the user.

There are endless combinations of the types and many subtypes of each type of propaganda.

Use these propaganda techniques to help you distinguish between facts and feelings.  I wonder how many of these were used last night for the State of the Union address?

My thoughts are that the worse that it gets, the more propaganda will be used. Learn to tell when they are being used on you!

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Don't forget the invented enemy.

    How could you since we are the invented enemy these days :)

    1. It reminds me of Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia.