Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The House is on the Market

The sign went in front of the house yesterday, but we had a potential buyer do a walk through on Monday. The feedback from the buyer was that the stairwell landing was too low since we is very tall.  The problems that she saw was the moss on the roof, and a branches overhanging the roof. I did look at the trees, and there are a few dead branches that can be removed. I'll just treat each walk through like job searches. I'll find out what wasn't liked and make corrections as we go along. It looks like this weekend I'll be getting well acquainted with the roof at the rent house.

I was really hoping to be done with the house, but if a few more hours or tens of hours will make the house sale, then I'll be doing whatever it takes to get rid of two mortgages, two electric bills, two water bills, and two gas bills. The good news is that our budget is only in the negative by about 100 dollars each month, but that can be fixed by tightening the belt and watching the pennies.

 The List:

  • Spray 10% bleach solution on roof moss to kill it. (2nd of 3 applications) or brush and hose off
  • 1 new blind small curtain in master bathroom
  • Paint outside trim around doors that were installed a year ago.
  • Restore hardwoods. Under contract!!!
  • Replace dryer vent under house. (trenched)
  • Make the under the sink in the main bathroom more attractive (hide water damage).
  • Clean under carport
  • Quarter round along some walls to cover hardwood flooring gaps. ( LR, hallway, master bedroom )
  • Clear house of items.
  • Cut two small trees down in backyard.
  • Repaint quarter round in boys old bedrooms. 
  • Detail room: Kitchen
  • Detail room: Bathrooms
  • Detail room: downstairs
  • Detail room:  Bedrooms
  • Added: remove dead branches over roof.
  • Added: Clean along back fence line
Is everyone watching the Chinese stock market, and the Greek tragedy unfold? Might be a few ripples affecting the USA, which the main stream media is ignoring altogether.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

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  1. Hmm. Don't think I will be folding my bags. ;-)
    Good luck selling the house! God bless.