Monday, November 23, 2015


The Mitsubishi, the one that has gotten me through school, is on it's last leg. Today the transmission started to fail, it was like getting kicked in the rear at 30-35 mph (repeatedly), and peeling out to get it going in the forward direction.

It's time like these that the house for sale is an albatross around our necks, but we are also grateful to have family willing to let us use their car until we get our Pile O'Junk running again. We did a lot of praying that the car would get me through school, and it did. Plus a year.

 Red Ant called it the "itsy fishy" when he was younger, and I'll be ready to scrap it when the time comes or ram that ding dong that doesn't know how to merge. Either one.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. As long as it kept you safe.
    My fear is that our house in NC won't sell, now that he has decided to put it on the market. The rental company has done a great job, but we are ready to be through with it.
    Hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving. ♥

  2. I had an ancient Chevy Luv I drove for ages. Finally it just couldn't be repaired economically. I gave it to my mechanic and it was expended as a demolition derby vehicle. Kind of a sad end to a workhorse.