Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hand Warmers Are O2 Eaters

Just a reminder that hand warmers use oxygen to heat up, and can be used as oxygen absorbents in your long term food storage containers. They usually go on sale around this time of year...

I prefer the glass jar method, stored in a dark room, that I've described by following the link. The hand warmers can be used for 5 gallon mylar bags because of their size, so use a really big jar! I'm sure with a little digging a reader can find the equivalent CC absorption rate. The paranoid can buy them without fear of government tracking and being labeled a prepper, since they "only keep the hands warm."

Which brings me to another question. What everyday products can be secretly used by preppers for other uses?

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I know!! amazes me that other people have not figured that out yet.

    another unknown idea..that I have baffled other preppers with, is Crayons... I know you have little ones, so save them... In an emergency situation, they can burn up to 30 minutes.
    And I am sure you know this one being that you are in the medical field , but My dad was a firefighter and on his ladder truck they would keep a nice supply of tampons...I asked why one time, and he said if there is a major wound just shove one in.....

  2. Great comment that I'll be making into another post.

  3. K,
    Have to admit I didn't know that thanks so much for sharing that, I can't wait to try. Our Walmart marks them down to almost nothing and our dollar store has them.