Monday, March 21, 2016

Self Set Goals and Elections

I usually try to avoid politics, but this election cycle has me worried. In my election prediction post, I outlined my thought process on Clinton vs Cruz as the political end game. The Trump factor had been interesting, and I really thought he would have shot himself in the foot, so to speak, by now. Trump has drawn a following by resonating with the demographics that are tired of the political games that have decimated their livelihood/lifestyle.

It is interesting to note that both leading candidates are looking at the past instead of the future. Trump is looking back, and seeing how great America once was, while Unprosecuted Felon Hillary is looking at the "glory days" of when her husband was president. Which by the way, was largely to the credit of President Reagan passing legislation to allow capital spending by companies to be tax deductible that lead to the increased productivity of America.

Anyways, back to the topic. Before the Republican convention [July 18-21] my goal is to have most of my guns squared away. I've been ordering a bit of ammunition, and have a new rifle that I'll be getting this week. I'll continue to buy magazines for my guns, and any future gun purchases that I'm thinking of buying [using cash]. I'm trying to buy one per payday. Clinton will but a ban on all magazines over the capacity over ten. Get ahead of the curve. I strongly urge my readers to purchase more magazines before November.

Between July and November, we will be focusing on squaring away our food storage, and stocking the pantry. I'll be doing a few post on our progress as it moves along. We will also be slowly squirreling away our regular cash transactions from the bank as not to draw attention to ourselves, and increasing our cash on hand. This includes visits to the pawn shops for junk silver, and increasing our holdings of silver. If it's not in your possession, then it's not really yours. Banks can block accounts, seal safety deposit boxes, and the stock market can be suspended. Study the tragedy that continues to unfold  in Greece.

Finally, we will be assessing our medical needs, and resupplying our stock from November until January. I now need antacids for my heartburn, and the kids need a supply of vitamins and band-aids.

What are your goals from now until July? July-November? November to January?

Keep Right On Prepping - K


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  2. Much of my prep comes from yard sales. If one really wants to know the TRUTH about voter sentiment, go to swap meets and yard sales. Talk to the people; not only the sellers, but the other buyers. I have never EVER seen or heard the outright ANGER concerning what is going on in our country that I'm hearing right now! Anyone who doesn't think America has reached a political flash-point is delusional! Notice what people are buying. They're looking for hand tools, firearms, generators, canners, canning jars, and the like. Notice what sellers AREN'T selling; hand tools, firearms, generators, canners, canning jars, and the like. Never in my life did I ever feel I would need to prepare for the failure of my country. Prepare I must, though. Prepare I will...

    1. I has amazed me that people are really concerned about the way America is going, it seems that the sheeple are waking up.

  3. Thank you! President Regan said it would take about 10 years for his plans to work out, and just our luck Clinton took all the credit.
    Prescription medicines are the hardest to stockpile. Around September you can request extra from most places, using vacation or travel and that will sometimes get you an extra 3 month supply. Just depends on your pharmacy.
    We need a few more magazines, but I think we are good otherwise. It is so hard to know for sure.
    I just keep praying.
    You all stay safe.

    1. We are praying and preparing.