Friday, October 6, 2017

Confronting School Socialism One Teacher At A Time

Yesterday, Red Ant with Pincers, our eight year old, got written up at school for coloring on his cap erasers. He has gotten in "trouble" for doing this twice before. First a little background, my mom is a retired teacher/counselor and our kid's teachers have my full support as a parent and should be paid a whole lot more...

I noticed that on the short form, that he was written up for "Improper care of school property". Well, I sure remember paying for his school supplies out of my own pocket. When I asked Red Ant about it, he said that the supplies that he brought to school were put together and the classroom shared the supplies. Classic Socialism. I often voluntarily donate items to the classrooms as our budget allows. What I do mind, is the incorrect thinking that these items no longer belong to him.

I send a note along with my signature on the short form to his teacher.

"Mrs teacher,

We talked with Red Ant about marking on the erasers, but more importantly not listening to your instructions. I do however have an issue a concern with the reason for the short form - "Improper Care of School Property." Red Ant brought two packages of cap erasers to school, you can correct the form to "disobedience to classroom rules" which would be HIS property.


My sweet wife in her wisdom, made a few changes before it was sent off to school. I have a  problem with poking the bear sometimes.

I could go into a long diatribe about the indoctrination of our kids at school, but it is the parents responsibility to teach our kids, not the school. Get involved in your kid's education, be aware and take moments like these as teachable lessons.


Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Agree with your whole post. Too many people have kids and then don't teach them anything.

    Be safe and God bless.

  2. She's young and fresh out of college. Hasn't had time to become realistic and jaded :-)

  3. As somebody who taught 5th grade for three years before he couldn't stand it anymore, I'd say "lay low." That might surprise you, coming from me, but you can cause your kid a lot of trouble if you get a "reputation" as a "difficult parent." I got a reputation as a "difficult parent' and wound up homeschooling my kids from 3rd grade on up til they went to technical schools in Canada. Public education today is run by socialists, and staffed by people who are intimidated by the constant pressure if they buck the system, and are just hanging on for retirement. At the time I took my kids out of school, both my wife and I were teaching in public schools. That went over like a lead balloon, but it was the only solutions. Like the old saying goes, "you can't kick against the pricks." By the way, "pricks" were wooden struts on carriages designed to keep the carriage horses from kicking back and hitting the body of the drivers box.

    1. I did think about that, and I'll lay low for the rest of the year. I don;t want my son to catch the flak for my behavior. It's sad that you have to pick your battles since the socialist liberals will often make life more difficult if you have an opposing viewpoint.

    2. It's just how it is. The school holds your kids hostage. You make waves, the kids will suffer. They get a really bad education in most public schools anyway, and you wind up with good little socialist sheeple.

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