Thursday, October 19, 2017

Good Dadding

In an effort to stretch our family food budget, we have breakfast night at least once a week. We  ended up with 11 sausage links and 10 sausage patties at the table, because one link accidentally fell into my mouth. Red Ant got to the table and asked how many links he could have and I replied, "How many is 11 divided by 5?"  It took a minute, but the final answer was two!

We always like to take opportunities to have teachable moments. Well, Row doesn't really care for the sausage patties, which were also on the table, so we suggested that he trade for the items that he wanted. Row really wanted more than two links. I a stroke of brilliance I offered that the boys bid on the lone remaining sausage link. Red Ant said that he'd clean both both sides of the bathroom. Row countered with a 10 minute foot massage. Red Ant offered up another bid with cleaning the bathroom and vacuuming the living room, but Row was quick to counter with a 10 minute foot massage for both parents.

Red Ant got the remaining sausage on the plate, and Row got a link from my plate. Excuse me while I sit in my recliner, have my feet massaged, and watch our middle child clean the house.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Now that was brilliant.
    You all be safe and have a blessed weekend.

  2. Excellent teaching moment. I'm not so sure I would be willing to clean a bathroom for an extra sausage, but that's just me. Sounds like a winning situation all around. Well played!!

  3. That was great why did I never think of that when mine were little lol.
    Hope you and yours are doing good.Been a bit since I stopped in.

  4. your an awesome dad! kids and the things they like and don't like. When ND was little he use to hate hashbrowns, and mash potatos. But he would suck down French fries..smh!