Saturday, June 1, 2013

2013 Challenge Update - May Accountability

*Increase our families preparedness food supply to 6 months of long term storage.

We rotated a few pantry items: First In, First Out.

*Get into better physical shape - diet and exercise.

Jan 1st : 182.2 lbs.
Feb 1st: 179.4 lbs
Mar 1st: 184.2 (Too much birthday cake!)
Apr 1st: 186.2 (Okay, wrong direction!)
May 1st: 184.6
Jun 1st: 186.0
Jul 1st:
Aug 1st:
Sep 1st:
Oct 1st:
Nov 1st:
Dec 1st:

*Get better organized in the home.

During my time off between semesters, I was able to clean and organize a few rooms. Row's room got a good cleaning and organizing, and Red Ant's room only got a good cleaning. The kitchen, living room, and main bathroom were also cleaned real well. Granted, it currently needs to be touched up a bit, overall the house is in good shape. We also had another couple with kids over for Memorial Day, so the house was extra clean. Maybe we should host a get together every weekend?

*Complete some long standing projects - Kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

*Reorganize our food storage into a better logical format.

Still in good shape - need to bring canned goods back up to par level.

*Get better grades in school ( 3 A's 3 B's last semester ).

*Procedures: Final Grade -A
*Procedures Lab: Final Grade - A
*Exposure: Final Grade -B
*Exposure Lab: Final Grade -A
*Imaging: Final Grade -B
*Clinicals: Final Grade - A

Mission Accomplished:  4 A's and 2 B's

Summer session: Advanced Patient Care and Clinicals III. I'll also be taking Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certification during the summer session to substitute the semester final for Advanced Patient Care. The final is 20% of my grade, plus I can use it towards Intervention Radiology or Heart Cath Lab jobs.

 *Go to the range more often with Sweetheart.

We didn't get to go to the range as a couple, but I got to go with a classmate. He has quite the collection of revolvers of all different calibers, and I was able to fire all of his revolvers. The .44 Mag really hurt with a heavy load in it! I mainly practiced my off-hand shooting with about 200 rounds through the Ruger SR9c.

*Teach the kids new practical survival skills : outdoors skills, common sense camping

We went camping during the semester break, and got the kids away from electronics and back to nature. We didn't practice any survival skills, except for practical knowledge. We also tried to make it fun for the boys, because we want them to look forward to camping.

*Learn to bake better bread.

I got to bake a few loaves of bread. The garlic hoagie rolls seems to be my favorite.

*Pick three skills to work on with wife.

*Be more consistent with the MRE Monday reviews.

We missed one review, so 16 out of 19.

*Improve our family's water plan.

I bought another bottle of bleach, and used part of the old one to rotate out stock.

*Do a monthly review of each for the blog to hold myself accountable.

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  1. Im going to do you a favor and clarify that the 44 mag was a 24 oz smith and wesson 329pd and the load was 300 grain corbon hunters. The other 44 you shot is a fairly pleasant pistol.