Saturday, June 29, 2013

Paid In Full

Here's another story about the kids with an important lesson:

A few months ago Row and Ant were finishing up dinner while Mom and Dad cleaned the kitchen. Row decided that it would be fun to use his straw and flick a few drops of tea on his brother. Now,any four year old doesn't take kindly to his big brother getting him wet. Ant protested, and Row got in a little trouble, after all they are boys and brothers! Row was sent to the bathroom to take his bath, and Ant got to watch a little Netflix before it was his turn.

About ten minutes into Ant's bath we hear Row yelling at Ant to "Stop it...Don't", with whiny mode in full effect. I get out of my chair and headed to the bathroom to play bad cop, but the scene is too funny for me to be upset. I walk into the bathroom and see Ant leaned on the bathroom tub's edge with his cheeks puffed out and full of water. Ant is pretending to be a fountain cherub, just punishing and soaking Row, who is sitting on the toilet.  

Row was safely allowed to finish his business while Ant got the talk about how "We aren't supposed to do that."

After Row left, Ant got a high five from Daddy.

Lesson: Make sure the scene is safe while your pants are down.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Haha. Priceless. ;-)
    Have a great weekend. ♥

    1. I'll post more if it proves popular. It's always something around here.