Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Problem/Solution: Current Project: Pantry Part 1

One of the niceties that we were looking for in a new house was room to store our deep pantry. We like to buy in bulk at the cyclical low prices, ergo we need a lot of storage. The house that we bought didn't have a lot of food storage. This is our solution:

This is the laundry room as you enter from the garage with a small closet to the right.

This is a better picture of the closet and limited shelving.

This is a current picture with a good portion of our short term food stuff on a folding table for easy access.

I had a friend install a door on the back of the little closet that opens up into the garage storage area. My Dad did a similar conversion to a house that I grew up in.

The little anteroom will hold cookbooks, chemicals, and assorted items.

The view from the garage gives you an idea of the old access to the storage area. Eventually, I'll remove the door, maybe even a little pass through for groceries.

Indy, the local security, is making the rounds to check on my progress for the day.

This is another before today picture. We moved a lot of the food items into the room for Row and Red Ant's birthday party. It's been hard trying to carve out chunks of time for this project with school, family, and life.

The wall on the right is eleven and a half feet, and the widest part of the pantry is seven and a half feet. With the built in shelving and two additional wire racks, that should give us ample room to properly store our foods. The far wall will eventually house a wine chiller with custom wine racks built around it.

The shelves got a proper cleaning a few days ago.

Yes, the paint is still wet.

This morning I wanted to get the area around the built-ins painted so that the food could be moved from the laundry area. The paint was left over from the living room, so we haven't had to spend any more cash to get this project going. I've also got a little over five cases of tile leftover from the rental house. It might take another $30-$40 to finish this room.I also decided to paint the shelves a bright white. This will help contrast any little clues that mice have invaded the store room. A few traps, and glue traps will be placed in a couple of safe places.

I got all the area around the shelves painted, and some of the cut-ins done.

I'll move the table into the pantry, and use the folding table to sort through the canned goods. I'm hoping to finish this project by next Monday.

On another note, the boys have keep the secret about the baby's sex. Looks like everyone that voted less than a week is out of the running.

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