Wednesday, April 16, 2014

School & A Secret

The boys have been champs and have kept the little brother or little sister a secret. I've got to hand it to Wolfman, he just might be the only one to have correctly guessed the correct outcome.

I haven't written about school in a while, and it has been a little easier this semester since I'm not taking an additional course. That being said, I have been extremely busy with life. The new house, and rent house have been a constant source of projects.

I finally finished all of my comp requirements for graduation today. I got my trauma cervical spine and trauma upper extremity today. I still have to do a final comp on a spine, and I'll be happy to leave clinicals with a B. I'll explain a little but more. I don't get to pick put what my final comps are, that is the job of the adviser. Happy,happy,joy,joy, and I got a knee. The front to back x-ray is easy, but the lateral x-ray is akin to cleaning for an OCD schizophrenic. The slightest rotation and it doesn't pass.


I did two x-rays and both failed, and I was put into remedial classes. That means that I have to do two good x-rays, then I can proceed to try again. Well, it took me about 6 weight bearing knees to get the two good laterals. Finally, I was ready, and I get an overweight lady with absolutely no bony landmarks in the knee area. So, I progress to skills class that means I have to get 3 signatures from the rad techs, and then 3 signatures from the advisers (when they show up for final comps). If I blow the next two images, I can get washed out of the entire program.

So, I will happily graduate with a B in clinicals, and still graduate with high honors (GPA < 3.625).

Keep Right On Prepping - K



  1. Keep it up, boys! I have faith in you!

    And K- Congrats on these guys, they're already better at keeping secrets than some adults I know!

    1. Thanks, I'm hoping that we'll be able to trust the boys with bigger secrets as they get older. Such as the location of the bat cave, and the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa.

  2. See, my X ray of my knees would have bones touching bones, both they both look good to me. Hey, what do I know, I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn express last night.

  3. I can't believe they haven't let it slip! I'm impressed :)
    Your doing great in school. I bet it's hard with life, kids, and a wife to find time to study. Good job :)

    1. Probably no busier than you with all your critters, but thank you.