Sunday, October 12, 2014

Radiologic Technologist

Last Monday was a big day for me, I took my ARRT exam. The test consists of 220 questions about radiographic procedures, physics, anatomy, and other related topics to x-rays. This was the BIG test that I had been preparing for during school.

The above picture is all of my school handouts. Each color for a different class each semester, and a separate folder for each test section. Eventually, I would also notate problem areas during that test chapter, so that relearning the information would be easier. It made life a lot easier when final exam time rolled around.

The three ring binder contains all of my school assignments that got turned in via Blackboard. The spiral bound notebook was an ARRT study guide that was built from the exam topics that they provide every year. This 113 page monster was compiled over three weeks by myself, J, and Joel. I guess you could call it our study group's crown jewel.

The ARRT exam can last up to three and a half hours. During the test, I thought, "Are they really asking if the head is superior to the thorax? It can't be this easy!" At other times, I had no idea about the Stuffenwaffle projection for the patella. It was a roller coaster ride, and I seriously thought that I wouldn't pass a few times.  I can safely say that I don';t have any heart problems because my heart was about to come out of my chest when I clicked the submit button after reviewing my test.

I scored 89% with 75% needed to pass the registry. I am officially a licensed radiologic technologist!

Keep Right On Prepping - K     R.T.(R)(ARRT)

Now to start preparing for my MRI registry...


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    1. Thanks Rob, let me know if you need one, and I'll see if I can sneak you in for a freebie.

  2. Congratulations,, good to know that you are now approved to play with bigger ray guns.

    1. ray guns!!! I had never thought of it that way....I love it.

    2. Just remember to keep any "pew, pew, pew" sounds under your breath. Some might consider it unprofessional.

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    1. Thanks rat. Hope you and the Mrs are going well.