Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's About Time

One topic that I rarely see on preparation sites, is the topic of keeping time without power. Most of the world uses their cell phone instead of a wrist watch. I used to wear a watch when I was doing x-rays, but switching to the MRI modality has me using the wall clock, and computer as my time pieces.

Yesterday, I found a windup clock with an alarm, for 99 cents at our local thrift shop. It will be going into our Faraday cage. When you have to be up before the sun, this will come in really handy. I've been running it to see how it keeps time, and so far it hasn't lost or gained any time.

I know a few wall clocks use an AA battery that lasts for a really long time, but it doesn't have an alarm. Also, when the battery loses power, how are you going to reset the time?

What would you use in an EMP event or very long term power outage?

Keep Right on Prepping - K


  1. Would a wind up clock even need a Faraday cage? Should be all mechanical correct?

    1. Lol, you are correct. I hadn't enough thought about that, just that it belongs with all the other EMP stuff. It'll be grouped with like items though.

    2. PP,You get bonus points!

  2. I don't need a clock much any more as I just seem to wake up like the animals and start the day. When out working, I can come close to telling what time it is some how. I know it isn't precise but how precise will we have to be at that point? I have a 100+ year old clock that chimes hours and half hours but you won't get precision because things change with the weather, fast then slow, it just depends. Things have changed as I often don't know what day it is.