Saturday, February 6, 2016

What's Good For The Goose...

 If two Hollywood stars can cause a racket, and call for a boycott about the Oscars not having any black actors as nominees, then I'll be boycotting this year's MBA All star game.  In fact, I'll be boycotting all of the NBA games, merchandise, and anything related to basketball (except the Razorbacks) because they didn't select any white players. This year's all-star game has zero white players. #NBAsoblack

Two graphs for your thoughts:

USA race Distribution

More whites need to be represented in the NBA.

Keep Right On Prepping  - K


  1. AMEN! Thanks for posting this and adding the graphs.. Whites won't boycott the All Star Game, because we are not as racists as blacks.
    I do still watch a bit of college basketball...because atleast there are some decent white players, but they seem to drop off when in the NBA.

    1. College sports are way more interesting!

  2. I could care less about the Oscars or basketball, haha. Fishing is the only 'sport' that holds my interest. ^_^
    Take care and be safe!