Saturday, June 23, 2012

All Used Up....Antibodies

I was off work Wednesday to do a Meet and Greet at the hospital. That went well, I got to meet the instructors, and size up the classmates for potential study group people. I also found out that the classes are starting 9 days earlier than last my time frame was really changed. It wouldn't affect our trip to the beach, but rather the projects I wanted to get completed around the house. Work is not going to be happy....oh well. After 23 years, they can deal with it. I guess you could say my Asperger's and Short-timers has kicked in.

Anyways, Wednesday night I didn't sleep well and woke up several times, which is a rare occasion. Even before the alarm was set to sound, I knew I was calling in sick. I didn't feel well, and the thermometer proved that I had a fever. Called in, and went back to sleep. Slept most of the day..probably around 18+ hours. Before the night was up, I called work again to let them know that I wouldn't be at work on Friday either. I was thinking that it was just a virus, but Friday morning the fever still remained, and a doctor's appointment was made. All the symptoms for strep throat....fever, nausea was less that day, body ache, fire red throat, but no white pus pockets, and my lovely wife reminded me to take some mouthwash to the appointment. A terrible headache that abated the second day too.

 Cefdinir 300 mg ( 2 a day for 10 days )

I have used all of my buffer posts to keep the blog going, and probably won't have the MRE Monday done this week. I am supposed to return to work on Monday, which I am ready to do, at least mentally.

The main purpose of this post is to get everyone to look into antibiotics for when the SHTF or economic collapse.

I have another post idea about Fish antibiotics and will add them to my Amazon store. I was hoping that I could do a photo comparison of those that I already have versus what I got form the drugstore, but I didn't get the kind that I already had on hand.

Stay well & Keep Right On - K

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  1. Looking forward to the fish antibiotic article. I read a pretty good one on survivalblog which led me to look them up on Amazon. I had a hard time finding the exact kind the article spoke of. Maybe your post will help clarify. I would certainly consider fish antibiotics for human consumption. I have a few bottles for backup but my kids get sick so freekin' much that I use up my storage every year. You'd think their dad worked in some germ infested hospital and brought the crap home with him on his shoes or something...geez.