Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Cutting the cord with ROKU XS - NO cable bill & Install Link

One of my followers has posted a nice post about the ROKU player. It allows you a ton of content and allows you to "cut the cord" on your cable bill. CNN Money pegs the average monthly cable bill to $86 per month ( ). That is $1032.00 a year.

 I have a ROKU XS on top of my television ( with a Netflix subscription for $8.00/month) and haven't missed a day of cable television. That's a $936.00 a year in savings...Hey, it's more money for preps..and the kids get their cartoons! The adults get Pandora, a music site for the TV that is personalized for you by you. Oh, and very few commercials...we really like that one. Also, for the tech savvy, it has a UBS port that can play mp4 and .mkv files. These types of files are usually downloaded from various sites.

The above link has an excellent photo shoot of the complete setup. Check it out.

 I have provided a link to my Amazon Store for those interested...($10 cheaper than China-mart).

ROKU  ran a special at Mother's Day and have one for this Father's Day too...$10 wait for a sale or buy it now.  I imagine that they will have one of July 4th too ( unsure about this though ).

Keep looking for ways to reduce your bills and Keep Right On -K