Friday, June 29, 2012

Buying Myself a Present

Okay, here's the deal. The weather has made it hot and brutal in the kitchen. To help endure the heat, I have made a promise to myself that if I stick it out to the date that I want, then I'm gonna buy myself a new handgun. The monthly budget has been done, but this will leave half a paycheck for me to play with. I have really been partial to the Ruger brand because of the value and durability.
Really leaning towards the Ruger P95. It will be an EDC too. Maybe my Ruger LCP if I really wanna go light but that's another post.

I'd like to stick with a 9mm just for the ammo cost. I do have a Kimber .45 Pro Eclipse and a day at the range can break the bank.

What do you really like, as far as handguns go?
What Handguns should I look into?
All suggestions welcome!


  1. I have no guns, but wish I could afford one!

  2. I don't have a 9mm at all. My favorite handgun is actually my Ruger P100 .357 4" barrel and is a sweet hunk of plated metal. When I wanna go heavy I stick to .357 and when I wanna go light I put in the .38's It didn't hurt that I inherited three 5 gallon buckets of .38 brass either.

    I have been thinking about something in .40SW though what with all the talk of the huge round purchase from Homeland security might be a readily available round someday.

    1. Oh, the .40SW will be readily doubt. I'm looking at the cost per round, almost as much as my.45ACP. So far, we have 12guage,22LR,.380Auto, and .45ACP. We will be adding 5.56×45mm probably around tax refund time. I don't really wanna have a lot of different calibers running around....