Thursday, June 21, 2012

House Fajita Seasoning - My Favorite Seasoning

 This is how it came into creation....

The fajita seasoning that we were buying from our food vendor contained MSG, and some of our customers kids were ordering the grilled chicken strips. I didn't want any allergic reactions to happen, so I came up with our house recipe fajita seasoning. Mind you, we didn't sale any fajitas at this store, but nevertheless used it.

We usually make a BIG batch, but I've broken it down into more manageable size for you to try out.

The main problem with converting such a large recipe into small ones is that the smaller batches are harder to achieve the correct taste, balance might be a better word here. This being said, I recommend the full batch to be made. In the interest of frugality, I would make the 1/2 batch to see if it is pleasing to you.

Full Batch

1/2 Cup Black Pepper 
3/4 Cup Onion Salt
1 Cup Paprika
3/4 Cup Salt
1 Cup Granulated Garlic
2 TB Ground Cumin
1 TB Cayenne Pepper

Half Batch

1/4 Cup Black Pepper
6 TB Onion Salt
1/2 Cup Paprika
6 TB Salt
1/2 Cup Granulated Garlic
1 TB Ground Cumin
1/2 TB or 1 1/2 tsp Cayenne Pepper
I've also tried this as a marinade, but the flavors are too strong and it overpowers the flavor of the meat. Seasoning should compliment the meat, not flavor it. I've also used this as a base for a dry rub and add about 1/2 sugar to 1/2 fajita seasoning. You can adjust the amount of sugar for your own taste, or even use brown sugar.

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  1. Thanks K for posting this, I will definitely be adapting it to my use here on the farm.