Thursday, July 12, 2012

MRE Grading System

I was talking with Sweetheart about doing a grading system for the MRE reviews. At least some way to standardize them, so that they can be compared better. While taste is subjective and it changes, it will show that the Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake is better than the Fried Rice.

Our newest order. The Ziplocked MREs are ready for storage.

The purpose of these reviews is inform and educate others about MREs for disaster situations, caches, SHTF, or outdoor trips. The huge positives for MREs is that they can be eaten cold, require very little preparation, and their long shelf life. I had a lot of questions about MREs especially if they were any good. I couldn't find any reviews, so I started my own. I admit it has been fun, and I get to see what kind my kids will eat. I will usually order one or two of each item, test them, and reorder if they pass. I will say that the biggest compliment that I can give an MRE is if I am going to reorder them.

Here is the point system:

If Red Ant likes it, then it gets 1 point.

If Row likes it, then it gets 1 point.

If Sweetheart likes it, we order more. (J/K) It gets a point.

If K likes it, then it gets 1 point.

Four points maximum, four stars, seems pretty simple to me. The adults may give the MREs half points.

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