Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review - The Pulse

   I had a great chance to read The Pulse by Scott B. Williams. He has written several books, but this is his first survival fiction story. The story focuses on five main characters, which are not well developed, but you get a good feel for the characters through the story. It really wasn't a problem, I just wished for a little more background on the characters. The book is written as if you are a passive third party, observing the actions and characters as it happens.

   I was hooked by page 30, and found it an easy read over a course of three days ( 393 pages ). I enjoyed the book, but didn't really find any new information for the prepper part of me. The book emphasized many aspects of bugging out, which wasn't surprising considering the author's forte.  I don't want to give out any spoilers, but I had the ending pegged before the last sixty pages. 

  All in all, an enjoyable book that wasn't too serious, but stresses the main reasons for bugging out. This could be a good gift for someone that you want to prod into emergency preparedness, like a relative. I would recommend picking up a copy, and settling in for a light read.

I have added The Pulse to my Amazon store, currently selling for $10.17. I do get a 4% kickback, if you'd like to support this site.


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    1. Definitely not on par with Patriots, Lucifer's Hammer, or One Second After, but enjoyable nevertheless.

  2. Pardon me if I'm an idiot, but how do I get directly to your Amazon store so if an item I'm interested is there, I can get it thru your presence? When I selected the PULSE link in the article, I couldn't see a link to your other offerings. I also can't find an ad box on your blog saying MY AMAZON STORE or something similar. I'm a gal with a gift card, just itching to use it so don't make me hunt too long!


  3. Okay, I did some clicking and the way to get to my Amazon store is through the banner that says "Purchasing through My Amazon Store Supports This Site"....look near the bottom of any page in the middle. I'll check back in a few hours, so leave a reply. Thanks.