Monday, August 13, 2012

Here's how I spent my last paycheck ... UPDATED.

I made a promise to myself to tough it out an extra week and use that money to buy a handgun, but the rifle was too good a deal to pass up...a penny under a grand. I had to dig into my savings, but I like it.

 Our group tactician chose this rifle as our common "battle rifle". He did a lot of research and asked around his base.
 "The by-products of the gas system are vented out the bottom of the gas block, away from the bolt carrier, keeping the action clean and free from contaminants. The end result is significantly improved performance over gas driven rifles." ( Ruger promo )

Here is a good review of the Ruger SR-556E

 Opening the box.

 A larger picture of the 5.56x45 inside it's case. I hated to see that the case was made in China. Three velcro straps to hold the rifle in place and two magazine pockets.

 The lock was included.

 A 30 round Magpul magazine - notice the protector clip for the magazine to protect the feed, and reduce contaminates. I have 10 more on order.

ITEM#                DESCRIPTION                            QTY    TOTAL     
18060                SR556® and SR556E®  30 Round Mag       10     $149.50   

 Another large view of "exploded view".

I blew off a few things that needed to be done at the house and went shooting. I did buy a cheap optic, and 200 rounds. 

I plan on purchasing better optics, one-point sling, a bipod/grip, and a B.A.D.LEVER. I have provided a link for you. 

I plan on keeping it fairly simple. I'll spend that money on ammo and practice.

Updates for PP:

12 o'clock rail. Others can be added into pre-drilled holes.


  1. I can't see what kind of rail system is on the handguard but the bolt looks like a standard AR-15/M-16 type. Look like a nice rifle I have been thinking of picking up another 5.56 lately.

  2. just the sight of this is enough to scare off all but the dumbest zombie. When the infection mutates I'm coming to your house to live. Nice! the rat