Sunday, October 21, 2012

MRE MONDAY - LRP Precooked Scrambled Eggs w/ bacon

Finally, I'm back on track with the Monday reviews. LRP stands for Long Range Patrol. It was developed for the Armed Forces as a lightweight travel meal to replace/supplement the MRE. I'll be stockpiling the reviews as time allows. I purchased a 4-pack of assorted LRP through Emergency Essentials for $14.99.

Nutritional Information:

I pulled a bonehead maneuver and threw away the package in a cleaning fit .

The dry weight for the complete package is 3.375 ounces.

I had low expectations since the last time I had scrambled eggs, they were dehydrated. I had to use a lot of Tabasco to be able to choke it down. These were freeze dried, so maybe I'd get lucky. We also tried them on breakfast-for-dinner night to try to fool the kids.


Row, our six year old, took a small bite and said, "I don't like the bacon". He didn't want another bite, but explained that the texture felt funny in his mouth, and "it doesn't taste the same".

Red Ant with Pincers, the three year old, had the same reaction, except for the lack of detail.

Sweetheart took a big spoonful and promptly spit it out. This is the first time she has spit any MRE out into the trashcan. I asked her why, and she said that it had a fibrous taste and the fake bacon didn't make it any better. Today, she made the comment that they were terrible.

The MRE already had three strikes, but I'd give it a try myself. I liked the idea of having a hearty breakfast of eggs if the SHTF. The eggs had a better texture and taste than the old dehydrated eggs of yesteryear. The eggs had an improved taste, but sadly that doesn't say much. In my original notes, I had stated that I would eat them, but I'm having second thoughts.

Final Thoughts:
The package called for 8 ounces of hot water, but I would suggest around 6 ounces. After waiting the required ten minutes, I had to drain off some of the excess water. It still doesn't beat the usual 2 packages of oatmeal for a lightweight backpacking  morning meal. The price was another issue...I could purchase 2 boxes of the store brand ( NOT WALMART THOUGH ) oatmeal and have about 10 morning meals for the same price.

Stars: ( 0 ) 

Really expensive dog food.

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  1. Well, I enjoyed the MRE eggs I had. Course, I've had the eggs from C-rations, and K-rations, when I was a kid. And liked them also.

    The new stuff is much better now, I think.