Saturday, October 20, 2012

The World Unraveling

The speed of my postings has slowed down, since school is currently my primary focus. Weekends have been playing catch up with school, chores, and yard work. An advantage to the slower rate of postings is that it allows me more time to mull over a thought. Today is one of those posts. It is a scatter shot of events that have happened to me this week.

I have been thinking about the economic situation of America. It is going to get worse. Google has just announced a bad quarter, and the Dow dropped over 200 points. The Dow isn't really a bellwether of the economy, but just a forecaster, or what monied people anticipate will happen. McDonalds also had a poor performance, and when the masses are not going to a cheap fast food place, the disposable income is tight. I am now noticing at least one restaurant failing every week in my metropolis, but more roadside food trucks. I have also read where the Chinese industry has started to cool. I would be interested to see how much inventory is stockpiled. We have started looking into buying silver, but still doing research, and trying to figure out how convertible it will be back into currency.

We have failed at budgeting $180 per 2 weeks for groceries, but have been using other funds to supplement that category. I do take a lot of blame, I am still seeing good deals that are being added to or food reserve. I have also noticed that the meat case at my grocer has a smaller level of stock than normal. I guess people are buying less meat. I'll have a talk with the butcher to confirm or deny.

Our entertainment budget hasn't been completely shut down. We are still trying to give our kids the allusion that things are the same. We are making trips to the public library instead of the bookstore, and spending more time at parks. We have a new tradition that we have started...Sunday night movie night. Classic kids movies and 'G' rated families movies such as Homeward Bound, Pinocchio, and Lady and the Tramp. Of course, buttered popcorn and theater candy after the family dinner. A trip for the family to the movies has long been out of our budget range.

More people are talking about the election. One lady at the fair ( spent way too much money ), made a subtle slam on Obama, but didn't appreciate the fact " Unfortunately, neither candidate is going to, willing, or capable of fixing the underlying problems of the United States." Some people just don't want to hear the truth.

At times, I find myself looking at what people are buying, or doing, and just shake my had at the poor choices that they are making. It's not my place to pass judgement, so I keep quiet. Sometimes, I think that it would be nice to put my head back into the sand and enjoy the bliss, but that isn't possible anymore. I have a family to protect and provide for...

Our family has a lot to do...we need a water filter, bug out bags, and concealed carry permits. We'll try to make headway before this month is over. We are also looking at taking a CERT class through our local fire department... with all of our free time that we have available (laughing).

I have been slacking in a few areas, such as an improved water plan. I have a small hiking filter, can boil water, and have a nearby hillside spring, but I am not as well prepared as I would like. I'm going to be acting on a plan soon. Don't think that I'm nearly done or ready. Keep Prepping everyone!!!


  1. My theory on water is if you got a supply of water you can securely get to you are fine. The water filters (of which I have 2) have a pretty short life span when you really get to looking at them. The ceramic ones will last the longest that I have seen but before long unless you have a bunch of them you will be boiling and filtering through cloth regardless.

    Just my opinion of course.

    Sounds like you are making progress though. Good for you!!!

  2. I'm sure that something will always be on the "want" list, but I'll be purchasing a Berkey water type filter soon for a passive purification system.

  3. Remember that as much as you think otherwise, for better of worse, even now you're more prepared than 99% of the US population!

    The filter mentioned here ( about $25 plus postage. With 2 bakery buckets, it's enough to make your own Berkey-style unit. Directions are included on the website where you order, or they'll sell you one w/the bucket set-up already made for about $60. I have one of the filters with my own buckets as one of my back ups for H2O. Getting another filter for Christmas from my sister! But, as PioneerPreppy indicated, if the trouble lasts long enough we'll all be boiling water. Even if you prefer not to drink it, remember that clorox disinfection is an option for bathing and brushing teeth!

    1. Yes, the water filter system is exactly what I was looking at doing. I don't want to come off as an armchair survivalist, but rather an aware person that sees the value in being prepared. Hopefully, people will pause and think about their own situation and make improvements. The filtration system will cap off our water system, and with water being such a high priority, it should have been done sooner.

  4. I have found myself disgusted with consumerism lately! I can't hardly go anywhere! You are prepared more than you know! So many people think someone else will take care of them and you are ready to take care of your family that is honorable! I don't know if I would waste money on gold or silver, you can't eat it. Just my thoughts ☺