Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day Three and Four Of Spring Break

I didn't post anything last night because I was worn out. Sweetheart made me take a long hot bath, then she massaged my hands with lotion. I spent most of the morning and afternoon doing yard work, then after dinner, I went to the rent house and grouted the back room and landing. I finally got home about 8:30, and headed for the tub.


I finished all the top and bottom colors on Tuesday, and resumed painting the detail work today. I officially finished around 2:00pm today. 

I spent an hour after dinner putting the furniture back in place. Tomorrow I will purchase new brackets for the shelves, and wire the front of the stereo system. The rear surround sound will have to be another weekend project when the finances improve.

The picture above is the before picture and the picture below is roughly about 3-4 hours work. I really want the fence line to be cleared so that I get more sunlight. I'm hoping that after watching the back yard this year, that maybe I'll find a plot for a garden.

I broke "the lopper", as my boys call it, which turned out to be a good thing. I did some quick mental calculations and found that I was quickly running out of time, especially since rain was forecast at about sunset.

The sides of the house had a ton of leaves, and it took most of the morning to get them mulched and bagged. I'll have to brag on my boys for a bit...they were a big help. Both of them dragged, and lollygagged all of the limbs and bagged leaves to the curb. Granted, I happened to find a little two wheeler that made the job even more fun for two young men. Still, around  25 bags of leaves is a big job for two boys.

After about two hours of really hitting it hard, I asked Red Ant to bring my tea from off the porch. He kind of giggled as he handed it to me, and they had both drank all of my tea! I normally don't mind sharing with my boys, but drinking a man's tea on a hot yard day is downright wrong.

The yard still has a lot weekend projects, but this was a good start. Saturday is the big birthday part for the boys, and the backyard is where all the kiddos are gonna be playing. We have a bounce house coming, and it should be interesting. For $100, they had better jump up and down until they fall out from exhaustion. It'll be money well spent though. They are old enough to remember this year's party. After this big tax refund blowout, it'll be a lot of pancakes, grilled chicken, and ham steaks for dinner.

Keep Right On Prepping - K

PS- The only project that hasn't been completed this spring break is the studying for the 3 exams after the break. Friday night is reserved for my studies, and I'll record one of my classes to listen to at work for Sunday morning.


  1. K...all of those leaves would be great for your garden area. If they are mulched they break down and do wonderful things. Hope the boys have a great party. The redecorating looks great.

    1. Believe me, I'll have more leaves by the end of the year. This year is mainly watching the sunlight and where it lands during the summer. A few trees might have to be cut down to open up a garden area.