Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day Two Of Spring Break

Today was paint the living room day. Mother-in-law came over and helped do the bottom layer of the living room.


 I made it to about sunset before the light (and hands) started to give out. The trim work is the only thing that needs to be done. The built-ins are about a quarter of the way done. I purchased Frog tape, and have been pretty impressed with the results so far. I'm not good enough to do the cut-ins by hand, yet.

Quitting time

Tomorrow is yard day. I need to get it cleaned up, and cleared for the birthday party on Saturday. Row and Red Ant chose to have their b-day party at the "new" house. The weather will be much better than their January birthdays!

I might knock out a few chapters of Pathology before bedtime, but after two long days I'm ready for some downtime. In a true SHTF situation, I doubt many people could put in a string of six solid days work. Heck, many people don't want to put in a solid days work.

I've got to finish the grout, which is looking like Thursday because it is predicted to rain. I'll probably finish up the trim work on Thursday too. I'm hoping to make a little progress on painting each day until Friday. Friday will be unpacking a bunch of boxes, and running errands.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Your place is looking very homey and comfortable. It's satisfying to work on your own property and improve it. I know it's tiring, but what else gives as much satisfaction?

    1. It's nice to look back on a hard day's work, and see all that you have accomplished.