Saturday, March 29, 2014

Problem/Solution : Door Jamb Keepsakes

At our old house we keep a birthday height chart of the boys on the door jamb like a lot of people used to do in the past. We replaced those bedroom doors, but kept the door jams with the height of the boys that were marked on their birthday. During this time, we seriously started to look at houses, and we were left wondering how to transfer the heights to the new house. This is a great solution for military families, apartment dwellers, and nomads of all types.

I was talking with my Dad, and we came up with the solution of having a strip of wood that would fit on the outside of the door stop timber. The wood slat would be the same measurements as the door stop timber, and removable!

Today, they got installed, but we haven't marked their old heights on it yet.

"R" for Row

A subtle and classy keepsake.

I will also file down the mark, so that any wear and tear wouldn't leave us guessing their height in a few years.

The five holes are already done, and I also used a small drill bit to start the hole for the screws. 

The finished product with Row's initial at the top of the birthday stick.

Thanks Granddad! This was a great Christmas present for the boys.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Great solution! My Lovely Wife and I were thinking to do something similar with a piece of flat 1x2, about 4' long. If we hang it such that we know how far offthe floor it should be, say 30" to the bottom, we can move it about easily. When I was a kid, we had a door frame we marked our height on- when the house was remodeled lately, my Dad kept the frame, but we haven't put it up anywhere yet.

    1. Thanks, I like the added twist of moving the measuring stick up 30" to save on wood.