Saturday, March 22, 2014


I've been saving a few dollars from my allowance every two weeks for Sweetheart's anniversary gift. I know that it seems odd for a grown man to have an allowance, but after our Dave Ramsey program it makes sense. Speaking of which, we have back charged a few items for the house, and will officially be in debt for a few months before I get a "real" job. Anyways, back to the allowance saving. I have been cashing in my change to make ones, and ones to make fives, etc since December. If I happened to have any money left on payday that also went into the gift fund.

The plan wasn't executed perfectly because I guessed that getting a picture framed would take less than a week. It takes two weeks, so I didn't have anything on our anniversary. I guess it was more of a surprise for her this way.

When my Sweetheart graduated college, her best friend and her decided to backpack Europe for six weeks from May until July 4th...Ireland, Scotland, France, Hungary, Italy, England, Germany, Vatican, and Switzerland. While she was in Paris, she had a street artist do a pastel portrait of her, and this is the picture that I got framed for her.

Keep Right On Prepping - K