Monday, August 31, 2015

Grilling Deals

Be on the lookout for deep discounts during the end of grilling season. At our house, grilling season never ends and this is an excellent time to stock up on sale items to get you through until next Memorial Day. Some of my previous items that I've bought? BBQ sauce, grill spatulas and scrub brushes, cedar planks, and charcoal. While I prefer propane, I've been known to use charcoal while car camping.

Why am I mentioning Labor Day a full week early? Get out there and check out the regular price of the items that you use during the grilling season, or related items that you've had your eye on. When they go on sale, you'll know exactly how much of a discount you are saving. Our Kroger has been known to drop the price on a case of water by a penny, and calling it a sale item.

It might be a great time to get some good prepping items!

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Great points, K. Always good to hear how you and the rest of the family are doing.

    1. I haven't posted, but I'm always staying current with my blogs.