Monday, February 6, 2012

MRE Monday - Wheat Snack Bread

I'll be doing a weekly post on a new MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) every Monday. Time and MREs permitting of course. My first MRE is the Wheat Snack Bread at $1.10 each.

Calories:180 for entire package
Total Fat: 6g or 9% Daily Value(DV)
Sat Fat:1.5g or 7% DV
Trans Fat:1.5g or 7%
Cholesterol:0mg or 0%
Sodium: 350mg or 15% DV
Total Carbs : 30g or 10% DV
Fiber : 2g or 6% DV
Protein : 4g
Calcium : 20% DV
Iron : 10% DV

I expected it to be like the brown bread that comes in the can. Wheat made me think of the color and I am kinda hoping that it had a sweet flavor. 

 The wheat snack bread had a nice strong smell of wheat when I opened the package, and I thought that was a good sign. I have had this package for about 7 months in the cabinet and it seems to have had no negative effects in the look or smell of the bread. The bread had a good texture, probably comparable to smashing some extra thick store bought bread. The dryness was about in the middle range of moisture but a little bit more dry than store bought. I wasn't surprised by this fact since moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria. During this test, my youngest ( 3 y/o ) had to "tell me something", a common delaying tactic for going to sleep around our house, and I enlisted his opinion. He took a bit and I asked him how he liked it, "Good, can I have another for the bed?". He came back out one more time chewing on the piece that I gave him. The bread would be durable enough to spread some peanut butter onto it without it falling apart.

Final Thoughts:
The bread would be good for an extended backpacking trip, cache, or Bug Out Bag (BOB). The advantages are no cooking, decent taste, and my youngest liked it. I would not buy it for everyday use if I was able to cook homemade bread or make fry bread ( future post ). The $1.10 price is on the high side for a snack size piece of bread about the size of a Pop tart. $1.10 will buy quite of bit of wheat berries for your homemade bread. Personally, I would wait for a sale and then stock up on the amount needed for your location/cache/BOB. Yes, I would buy them again.

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