Friday, February 3, 2012

Pest Control - Mice and Rats

This is a continuation of my pest series - part 2 of 3. This series covers the most common pests in the house. Mice and Rats are best killed with d-con. Care should be taken with pets and children in the house. D-con in a nutshell is a blood thinner.  FYI - Rats and mice are incapable of vomiting or burping. The rodent eats the poison bait and bleeds out. Our pest control person had only one recommendation for killing mice and rats:
The placement needs to be different for mice vs rats. For combating mice, the bait needs to be placed were the droppings are evident. For fighting rats, the best location is along the perimeter of walls and also known feeding grounds. FYI - Rat urine is fluorescent under a black light. Be absolutely sure that the poison bait is out of reach of dogs and children. I have one bait cube under the shelving unit for our long term food storage. Under the sink, way back in the corner is also a good location to place a cube of d-con. The last of the series will be about ants.


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