Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I was finishing up a few dishes at work today, and started thinking about "what ifs". What if I couldn't buy any more spices, what would I stockpile? If I could only have three. My first three would be the holy trinity of spices: salt, pepper, and garlic.Everyone should store salt. Where I live, I can grow garlic. So I need another two spices. I might try something exotic...nutmeg? The spice wars did revolve around these trees. Salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, ground cumin, basil, oregano, chili powder, onion salt, cinnamon, vanilla, paprika,and cocoa are all some ideas. In a prolonged grid-down situation, I would not stockpile any of the spices that I could grow.
  • Salt : Everyone should store this bulk item.
  • Pepper : Definitely should store.
  • Cayenne Pepper : I can grow hot peppers, actually quite a few for different flavors.
  • Garlic : Easy to Grow.
  • Basil and Oregano : yet more easy to grow flavors.
  • Cinnamon : a winner here. I need to add this one.
  • Paprika : very mild flavor and I have an heirloom pepper that supposedly can be made into this spice.
Anyways, I hope that this has sparked a few ideas. No sense in eating bland food, now or in the future.

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