Monday, May 6, 2013

MRE Monday - Spaghetti With Beef And Sauce

I had heard that this was the highest rated MRE, and we were having spaghetti that night so....

Nutritional Information:

Serving Size: 8.0 oz.
Calories: 330
Calories from fat: 150
Total Fat: 17g or 26% DV ( Daily Value )
Cholesterol: 50mg or 17% DV
Sodium: 740mg or 31% DV
Total Carbohydrates: 28g or 9% DV
Dietary Fiber: 2g or 8% DV
Sugars: 9g
Protein: 19g
Vitamin A: 15% DV
Vitamin C: 45% DV
Calcium:  20% DV
Iron: 25%


I had high hopes for this MRE.


Row, the seven year old and spaghetti aficionado , was a bit puzzled since we had spaghetti in a small bowl, and the housemade variety in our typical dinner bowls. He eagerly took a bite and said, "I love it!" I asked him about the meatballs and he said that they were "delicious". He actually preferred the MRE version over the our regular housemade kind. The MRE got high praise when he said, "Let's buy this until I get tired of it".

Red Ant, the four year old, generally likes spaghetti. Granted it has a lot of Parmesan cheese, but he likes it. He took a small sample of the MRE, said he didn't like it, then Row scooped in to liberate his younger brother's sample before Red ANt could set his spoon down.

Sweetheart liked the meatball texture, and especially the three ingredients: meat, water, and salt. She noted that it had "good and decent flavor" and an appropriate mix of meat, pasta, and sauce. She did comment that it was surprisingly more meaty than she had imaged an MRE would be. The thick sauce was a big plus and the absence of a chemical preservative was greatly enjoyed too.

I first noted the meaty flavor and the tender noodles. This was NOT your canned variety, and the flavor was spot on. It had a good amount of meatballs, and I now know why it is a top-rated MRE.

Final Thoughts:

Pictures speak longer than words...

Licking the bowl

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