Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Some Light Housekeeping

While the post title does hint at the topic for the day, it is mostly random thoughts. The time off from school has been enjoyable, and I fear that it will go by quickly. I have tried to spend time cleaning one room per day, as allowed with a full schedule. So far, the kitchen, hallway, and Red Ant's room have been cleaned. The yard work has been brought up to date and our house is not the neighborhood eyesore anymore. The roof and gutters still need to be cleaned before the next major rainfall, and a small patch of grass still needs some weed and feed, which will be done today. There are a few other minor odds and ends that also need to be attended to in the yard, but it is mostly maintenance and upkeep at this point.

On today's to-do list is either Row's room or the bathrooms. The bathrooms need a good organizing, especially the linen closet. The kitchen and bathrooms do get a good cleaning at least once a week, which seems about right with four people in the house. The biggest cleaning job around here is doing the continual picking up and putting things back in their place. I have been a little more disagreeable than usual about keeping the house clean, since I have time to go room by room ( would this be considered urban warfare? ) and keep things "mise en place".

My personal pictures for blogspot have been taking an abnormal amount of time of several minutes to upload. Has this been a problem for other bloggers? Or is it my computer/network? The images from Google load in about the right amount of time, as an FYI.

PioneerPreppy did a product review of the Black and Decker 20v Lithium weed wacker, and I bought it per his recommendation. The old gas one was finally unable to be resurrected and the edging around the house was looking a little shabby. I did my research online, and Sears had the best price at $99 versus $96 online. This has been my first electric weed whacker in a long time. The last one had a cord, and the gas ones were a whole lot more convenient. I have used the new one only a few times, and I will also put my humble recommendation on this product too. The hassle and saved curses from starting a small gas engine are well worth the money. It also has a front guard to prevent you from eating all the line when you edge, so it will save some money from that aspect as well. I'm sure that the more that I use it, I will become more comfortable with it.

The future holds a trip to Murfreesboro, Arkansas to dig for diamonds while camping with the boys. A field report will be issued afterwords. Row has a school field day that I will be attending, and Sweetheart has a mother/child lunch date with Red Ant with Pincers tomorrow at his daycare. Of course, Memorial Day weekend will include a cookout, and hanging out in the yard. There are many many small events that will take our time until my school starts back up the day after Memorial Day.

The finances have also been running tight, and I'll be looking at getting a one day a week job to put meat and groceries on the table. While I don't really have to go back, it would ease my mind to have some sort of income coming into the budget.

Take Care and Keep Prepping - K


  1. awwww diamond minning! We went to Hiddenite Mines in NC last summer, and found some spectacular gems.. have fun!.

    After all the cleaning, feel free to come pay me a visit..My closets def. need a good organizing... : )

    1. Ha ha, you know as well as I do that with kids, a house is never clean. Hopefully Sweetheart will find a diamond so that I don't have to buy her an anniversary ring.