Tuesday, November 19, 2013

House Hunting

We are continuing our search for a new house within our oldest son's current school boundaries. I should have been leery of a house that is for sale by a self-proclaimed "Progressive, Liberal, Forward-thinking, Socialist" Lawyer. (Why yes, I do my research on the home and the owner to find any leverage that might be useful.)

Derek, a former co-worker, and a friend,  just passed his real estate license, and we are happy to have him as our agent. His brother has been doing it for a while, so he has someone to answer the tough questions that we might ask him. I think I prefer a new agent, rather than a seasoned "professional" just for the honesty factor.

We had the other agent tell us that the seller didn't have an end-game if the house sold. She must think I'm really stupid! The owner of the house is a successful lawyer, ergo pretty intelligent, and the other agent says she doesn't know what she is going to do once the house sells? Please.

We did our second walk-thru of the house, and we invited our parents. We both wanted critical objective observation of the house that we were ready to put a bid on. My Dad, who I think can fix anything, has designed and built two workshops, and is very knowledgeable about these things. He brought one of those three pound 6V flashlights, and looked around. We both walked around and started finding quite a few things that would need a new home buyers attention [money].   

The deal breaker, and notice the exposed wire junction box too.

The dry rot on the outside storage area was the deal breaker for Sweetheart and me. The unknown of how far it went, and the extent of the water damage was too much for us. After we walked through the house, I asked Dad for his honest opinion on the house. To paraphrase, "I wouldn't buy it." My Dad was really worried that he had hurt our feelings for being so honest, but that's why we brought him along.

I talked with my Sweetheart, and we both agreed that we would rather be "disappointed shoppers, than disappointed buyers." We talked with the kids, and they understood why we weren't going to be moving into that house. Row in his young wisdom, explained to me that if someone is selling something that is broke, then that is like stealing someone's money. We can learn a lot from our kids.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. It is very, very difficulty for an honest person to be a realtor. They have a terrible disadvantage in trying to compete with the one's who have been in the business awhile and are not burdened with scruples.

    1. Exactly the reason I wanted him as my agent, and to promote honesty within the industry. Voting with my dollars as it were.

  2. You can be doubly proud of Row.
    Now I realize that I have no idea where you are, but you may want to consider looking for a fixer-upper that is still good enough to live in.
    I don't know if you have any... urban areas that would meet your other criteria; but I read somewhere (I can't remember where exactly) that many small farms have been or soon will be for sale, or abandoned for lack of a younger generation to step in.
    Not sure if that is an option for you though.
    Anyway, Congratulations again, and good luck finding that perfect place. ♥

    1. Our scope is limited by the school district boundaries for his current school. He goes to one of the better schools in the district. We plan on buying property and building our own house pretty close to when he hits about the ninth grade...so about 6-7 years. A small farm would be ideal for us...we shall see.

      And yes, I'm very proud of Row!

    2. That sounds fantastic. Congratulations once again. Have a wonderful weekend! ♥

  3. It's nice to know that you have your trusted friend by your side to negotiate for your house hunting. You see, it's easier to deal with the complications of buying a new house when you put your trust in your realtor. It's also comforting to know that you've asked for your parents' advise regarding the house when you're not so sure of buying it. Well, I do hope you find a house that's better than this one. Good luck! :)

    Katy Desroches @ Dominical-Real-Estate.com

  4. Hah! Some witty phrase your child come up with, eh? :) By the way, it's truly wise of you to bring your parents along to check the house. You were able to get their honest opinion, and another sets of keen eyes to check on the details and state of the house. The same goes for hiring a realtor whom you believe would work to give you only the best. Good luck with your house hunting adventures, and I hope you'd find your house soon!

    Blair @ Creb Now

  5. Oh, and I’m reading this in 2014. I wish you already found a new house now. It can be a little tricky, especially if the one that suits your preferences suddenly had some structural issues (like this one above).

    Raquel Fowler