Monday, November 11, 2013

My Current life...

...revolves around school textbooks. I'm currently fleshing out 3 different study guides, for example...

12. The lower aorta bifurcates into what two arteries?

The left and right common iliac arteries

13. Beginning with the common iliac, list the arteries mentioned in the lecture going through the legs.

Common iliac -> common femoral -> divides into deep femoral and superficial femoral -> popliteal -> anterior tibial -> posterior tibial -> peroneal -> dorsalis pedis -> plantar arch

14. Which veins of the lower extremity are imaged most commonly?

  1. External iliac vein
  2. Femoral vein
  3. Great Saphenous vein
  4. Small Saphenous vein
  5. Anterior Tibial vein
  6. Posterior Tibial vein 

I couldn't let this Veteran's Day go by without thinking of my Granddad. My oldest son and myself are named after him. Thank a veteran, say a prayer for Veterans past, and hope that our children don't have to go to war.

MRE Monday tomorrow and Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. Do the Veins lead to the heart of the matter?

  2. glad I finished up school, not business related. Good luck with the veins because I have no idea.

    1. The test was today and I scored 92%. 93% is an A, but with the added assignments it should bring it over an A for this module. I'll also be glad when school is over!

  3. I couldn't tell ya one vein from the other.. I like your veterans day pic. might steal it. : )