Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Small Update

This is just a small update into what's happening in my life. I've started back at my old job on Sunday mornings. It brings in a small amount of income for our family, and also allows me some time to actually study. For those that remember, I was the kitchen manager for an local independent restaurant. It feels like I have been promoted to dishwasher. I'll explain:
  1. I work by myself, with very little outside pressure or job stress. 
  2. I can listen to my lectures on my phone while working.
  3. I can even set my school books on the stainless steel tables to do some reading during down times.
  4. On Sunday mornings, a free breakfast is provided by the owner. The cooks prepare it of course, but it's free.
  5. The old job was happy to have me back on MY terms. (set one day schedule)
  6. I have lots of A/C during the summer.
  7. A lot of good people work there, and we get along.
  8. $10/hour...not a bunch, but I get to study for a few hours AND get paid. I was doing that for free at home ;-)
  9. The added income helps with the food budget envelope.
  10. I like cleaning, and always leave the job in a better condition.

We are actively looking for a new house so that Row can continue to go to the school he currently attends. Our daycare stopped the after school care, ergo our reason to get Row a transfer to a better school. Our neighborhood school is rated 2 out of 10 for educational quality and Row's current school is rated an 8. It also has an after school enrichment program that he enjoys. He takes a cooking class on Thursday, and under no circumstances "are we to pick him up early!", per Row's orders. His other classes include Legos, karate classes, art with recycling materials, and a reading class.

I've also hit my stride with school this semester (finally!) and really getting into the school work. J from school, who reads my site, and shooting partner, will undoubtedly give me a hard time for admitting this.  I hoping that the winter break doesn't completely ruin me, and the last few months of school remaining. I'm looking forward to graduating, and landing a job. I'll also be a bit sad because our class has a lot of genuinely good people in it.

My wife has been truly amazing while I've been in school, and worked her tail off. I'll be glad when I can earn a bigger paycheck so that we can once again each others company without having to worry about bills, tests, and homework.


  1. I wont rag on you K. I hit my stride for the first time on sunday, I also am going to really miss some of the people in our program. We are getting close to the happy/ sad conclusion of our program. I am both excited and dreading it, we have a lot of truly wonderful individuals in our class, some of whom have really helped shape who I am coming out of this program. I know I'll get to keep in touch with some but I also know I will be sad to see some others for the last time on graduation. Anywho conversation for another time and an ice chest.

    1. Yes, another time with a really big ice chest, and a firepit.

  2. Gratz. Finding a part time job that will respect your part time status seems the hardest thing to do period. Glad your old one worked out so well.

    Good luck on th house hunting.

    1. You hit the nail on the head about part time work respecting my part time status, plus a set morning schedule is practically unheard of in the restaurant biz.

  3. You are a hard working fellow. I hope you don't have to work two jobs for long, that will kill you in the long term.

    1. Actually, I'm only working one paying job. The other is school related clinicals, which means I pay tuition for the opportunity for experience.