Friday, November 8, 2013

Pictures With Witty Commentary

As the title suggest, I'll be posting a few pictures instead of a well thought out article.

Let's see, can anyone say double standard? Edward Snowden needs to be awarded the Medal of Freedom.

 Statistical proof that if everyone stopped using IE , then murders would cease to exist. 

Now, we just need some federal grants to determine how they didn't suffocate.

I'm sure my dog has the same thoughts judged by how he reacts when I get home.

Sadly, the political process in America...'nough said.

Okay,  no where even remotely politically correct.

My wonderful wife will appreciate a photo of my Father-in-law's car. He isn't a hoarder, but has "an acquisition and storage problem."

I bet you started to sing the song, am I right?

Most appropriate.

Even the Empire is hitting hard times, and the customary Star Wars photo for my brother.

And the customary new Earth related screen saver. (aka Earth Porn)

Take Care and Keep Prepping. I'll see you Monday with the latest MRE Monday review, as I'll be busy preparing for 3 major tests next week. - K


  1. Heh.

    I been hearing and reading some rumors about the so called murder rates. Apparently they have been playing with the figures abit and it isn't all as down hill as they claim. Go figure.

    1. LOL...just like The Ministry of Truth in 1984.

  2. The ant and the grasshopper was great!