Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 Star Food and 6 Star Scenery

Once again, another campfire recipe from the crew. This one is pretty straight forward...Steak and pan-fried potatoes. The cast iron skillet ( read: car camping ) was a nice addition to the trip.

The dinner was rounded out with loaf garlic bread,  sauteed burgundy mushrooms, and a Caesar salad kit. Each person got half a salad kit. There is something about the the taste of a salad out in the woods. They taste so much better.

The filets were 14 oz. monsters.  Once again the portable fire grates did an outstanding job. I am going to invest in one of these for the family outings.

Campsite Burgundy Mushrooms
Red Wine

  • Start by slicing the mushrooms and place in a skillet with a small amount of butter. 
  • The mushrooms will "juice up" while they cook.
  • Pour about half the juice out of the skillet when the mushrooms reach the halfway point.
  • Add about a half cup red wine and another small amount of butter.
  • Simmer the mushrooms and reduce the sauce to half. (TIP: Anytime you see reduce- simmer on low boil and it means to cook off the liquid. Instead of a reduction, try a slurry mix of corn starch and water.)

Here is a better picture of the day's work. This was my birthday meal after a hike up into Indian Creek.

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