Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quick Update

My lovely wife and I got back from Eureka Springs, Arkansas on Saturday evening. We went down there to celebrate our anniversary, it's been a good eight years. We also made a long detour, and went by Tyler Bend that is on the Buffalo National River. It was a scouting trip and a trip down memory lane, we were sizing up the area to introduce our kids to river camping and canoeing. That will be in a few years though...The smallest needs to listen better before we go out on the water.

Lets see, in the future I have a review of the hotel that we stayed in this weekend. I'll have to get MRE Monday going again....I have really bombed on keeping up on that. It's not the lack of MREs, it's the time to post. We are planning a quick trip to Florida for a few days to see some of our family. I'll have to work in a few posts on MREs since they have a few kids too. I need to post a review and recipe on canned Cheese Blend Powder from Emergency Essentials. I have math to figure, and a cost comparison to write for the cheesy noodles. The recipe still needs to be tweaked, but the reviews from the boys are excellent.

I also need to finish a few posts on the trip to the Buffalo National River in February. Two tips to post that my crew likes to use. Oh, and of course some photos.

Busy week with school, work, packing, and blogging.

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