Thursday, March 22, 2012

New Advertising

I signed up for Adsense to help draw some revenue into the preps. Full time school is rapidly approaching, and I wanted to get another revenue stream going. I was really leaning towards not having advertising because it would distract from my message. However narcissistic that might be. I hate advertising. I'll do away with it once other means become available and I'm exploring those options now.

The commercialism of today's society is rampant. We Americans use way too much, and it seems like we have a throw away society. This is contradictory to being frugal.
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Being frugal is not about being afraid to spend money. It is about buying quality and making what you have last longer. It is about getting the most for your money. It is about enjoying what you already have, rather than what you want. It is about discipline - yes, it is very unpopular in today's society. It is about saving first, then paying with cash. Remember, interest is just another tax. It is about patience, and waiting for that sale to stock up on dry goods. For example, I loaded up on green beans for .39 each, and they regularly sale for almost a dollar. It is about stretching a dollar. It is also about being kind, and making that donation to the food bank or church. It is about giving. A closed fist that is holding onto the money is not open to receive anything either.

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