Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fleeced - Gear Opinion

There are two kinds of fleece jackets: full zipper and half zipper.

While the half zipper is cheaper, the full zipper is preferred. The fleece layer is to trap warm air around the body to keep it warm. It is not a wind-proof layer, that is the job of the outer shell. I digress, the full zipper can control the temperature of the body better. My biggest gripe about the half zipper fleece is that it exposes my skin when it's time to remove the fleece jacket.

My ideal fleece jacket is reasonably priced, YKK zippered, hooded, and a dark natural color. I used to be brand loyal [Patagonia], but sometimes the frugality factor isn't there.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. I perfer the full zipper as well. Never really understood the whole half zipper option..

    1. I've tried both, and the half zipper is really ineffective in managing body heat. I'm sure that it comes down to some bean counter saying that they could save a few bucks.