Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poll Question

My uncle came over last night and wanted to borrow another $40.00 until payday. He has kids and he really needed it to buy gas and a few groceries. Forty dollars might not seem like a lot, but over the years he has proven that he can't live within a budget. Sure he pays me back a little at a time, but never the full amount. I'm also starting to get a little concerned about his ability to pay.

Question: What would you do next time that he needed money?

A: Yes, loan him the full amount.
B: Yes, but only a fraction of what he needs.
C: No.

Please leave A,B, or C and a comment if you desire. Thanks again.

Keep Right On Prepping - K


  1. It's a tough one. What about option D: Tell him you really can't afford it right now, but you can spare some beans and rice to help tide him over until pay day. Hey, after all, you're a STUDENT, right???

  2. I vote C. Do him a favor and cut the strings. Tell him he needs to show some ability to take care of himself. After all you need to think of yourself. Tough love.

    1. This is probably the only time I hate agreeing with Stephen, but he's correct on this.

  3. It would be easy for me, I could show him my empty wallet. So I would vote C. Maybe you need to keep your wallet empty.

  4. I vote C. He needs to learn to budget himself better

  5. It depends on whether or not he is doing all he can to bring in money on his own. If he is doing all he can, and not wasting any money, I'd give it to him if I had it.

    If he's going to the movies, eating out, or otherwise being profligate then I'd just say I didn't have the jing.

  6. I vote a firm C- I am saying this nicely and lovingly my friend: "stop enabling him"
    He is a kid knowing you are a candy store..

  7. This is a hard one, K, but I agree that it needs to be no. We've had the same problem with one of our sons. It hurts me, as a mother, but we had to.

    I feel for you. *hugs*

  8. I would vote for C also but give him a warning. The next time that you ask to borrow money it will be a no. That way he will be prepared.

  9. As many times as you've got me a beer and I've hit you back the next week, Im not going anywhere near this one. lol

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