Monday, September 12, 2016

September Preparedness Month (12)

The last two days, we have talked about getting to our evacuation destination and home from work. I probably should have put this one before the other two, but sometimes you have to backtrack to move forward. Anyways, a family discussion needs to be put in place to make sure everyone gets home in case of disaster or weather event. This is a two-fold situational exercise: communication and no communication.

Coordinating the collection of kids and other party members for evacuation is easy with cell phones and land lines. The main purpose of this exercise is to discuss the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) when communication is not possible. Who gets the kids from school? daycare? We picks up Grandmother from her house? Everyone needs to be included in the loop and know what the plan is to get everyone to the same location for evacuation. Be sure to take into account for different situations such as: power outages, weather events, and maybe even an extreme event such as having to walk.

Any and all comments are welcome, so post any questions or additional information throughout the series.

One task every day, one small task....for a better prepared community - K


  1. Those are some good points of discussion for your plan. I guess I am ok with JUGM less than 2 miles from both schools while at home. Me on the other hand, I am 63 miles from home while at work. As I ride to work everyday, I look at the landscape and look for entry and travel points along the way and where can I hide and camp for the night providing I am walking. When you drive an hour and 15 mins to work, you have plenty of time to ponder this.

    1. I do the same thing on my travel to and from work. If I have to foot it home, I'll probably camp in some deep woods overnight.

  2. A small piece of sidewalk chalk in each car might be worth-while for leaving messages to go to backup rally points.