Saturday, September 24, 2016

September Preparedness Month (24)

We are in the home stretch for September Preparedness Month, and the rest of the month we'll take on small tasks to make preparedness situations a little more pleasant. Today's task is to acquire a radio for communication and news. Amazon is a great place to start researching portable radios. Check out the reviews, and remember that people are more willing to leave a bad review than a good one. Our portable radio uses 3 AA batteries and has a very good battery life it is the Grundig FR-200.

After your radio purchase, I would consider either a handheld walk-talkie or Ham radio. We have the Baofeng UV-5RAX+ which is a reasonable entry level handheld ham radio. It does need a ham license to operate, but those are easily obtained online (without Morse code now) for a nominal fee.

Another alternative is the walkies-talkies that hunters use, weather radios, or a handheld CB. We don't have either at our house, so I can't recommend a brand or model type.

Check out Amazon, and get your communications squared away.

One task every day, one small task....for a better prepared community - K


  1. I have a Grundig World Band radio in my get home bag along with a Baofeng UV-5R with extended antenna. Just finished my CB install today on the "Fouled XJ" that I drive everyday to work. Went over to my neighbors 186 acre pasture and found the highest hilltop and tuned it up with a SWR meter. Got the SWR down to 1.2 on channel 1 and 40. Works great.

    1. Communications is probably one of our weakest areas, but we do have the equipment. We need to practice our skills more, there just doesn't seem to be enough time to get everything done that is on the "to do wish list".