Monday, September 19, 2016

September Preparedness Month (19)

The best resource for food, for most people, is the grocery store. Expand your pantry to cover three honest day's worth of food for you and your family. Purchase things that you eat on a regular basis, and rotate your stock. Improve your cooking skills with shelf stable foods and slowly expand, without going into debt, your pantry.

This is part of our pantry (which needs a organizational overhaul) and how we save money at the grocery store. When products that we use go on sale, we stock up our pantry. For example, the two cases of canned organic pumpkin was on clearance after Thanksgiving for about 75 cents a can. It's usually $1.67.

I have a fairly good memory and can spot excellent deals. The top left holds our pasta, that is currently very low, but it goes on sale for .39 a pound once or twice per year. When it goes on sale, I'll probably buy about 60 pounds between three stores, since we have spaghetti night at least once per week for the five of us.

I've tracked food prices with a notebook (LINK), my phone, and on the item itself (with a sharpie) to stretch the most from our food budget.

Gradually increase the pantry's supply to feed your family longer and longer periods of time. Don't forget a manual can opener.

One task every day, one small task....for a better prepared community - K


  1. Thanks, K. I wish I could keep our pantry cool enough in the summer. But as you say, anything helps.

    1. We have plans to use a window unit to keep it cooler in the summer.

  2. Wanted to add, do you shop only one store, or do you shop around? I seem to recall at one time you told us about deals at Dollar General? Thanks again!

    Be safe and God bless you all.

    1. We use Sams and Costco for bulk purchases, and Walmart or Kroger for the remaining items.

      Kroger is mainly produce, veggies, meat, and sales events such as the buy 4 save $4 specials.

      Walmart is hard to beat on everyday items like TP, canned goods, and various other non-perishable items.

    2. That is pretty much what we do, too. No Costco except for 2 hours away, so we use Sams. A little shy of Sams after getting a case of questionable mushroom soup.

      We have Super 1 and Mac's Fresh Market in addition to Kroger. They have a lot of Pick 5 for $20 sales. Anything marked Pick 5. Pork, chick, beef, bacon, sausage, etc. Of course that is only good for a prep as long as you have electricity.

      Our pantry is in our kitchen, so it gets residual cooling from there as there is no door on it. I have read/been told though, that it should be kept in the 40-50 degree range though, and that is unreasonable in a 100+ year old house with no insulation.

      The other drawback is hubby installed the kitchen heater on the wall just outside the pantry, haha.
      But it still helps to have a full pantry, just in case.

      Thanks again, K.

  3. One thing about manual can openers, in my experience good ones are not easy to come by anymore.
    Cheap ones are frustrating and prone to either break or require a great deal of effort to make work and are not worth the money or trouble. I found some at Cash and Carry, a restaurant supply chain, that are industrial strength. Made in the USA, they are the kind of quality that will last for years. Also remember that two is one and one is none.